About Us

About Us - Bounce To Life

Bounce To Life Foundation was established to render services in the field of social, educational, economic, cultural and medical relief to the indigent and advancement of any other charitable and progressive purposes of civic welfare.

  •                    To improve the quality of life and comprehend the potential of people and enhance their livelihood.

  •                   Working together to create social change through research, education, and employment for improved quality of life.

    •                    Accountability
    •                    Responsibility
    •                    Honesty
  •                   We are governed by a Board of Trustees and a small staff team carry out our work. We have a volunteer panel that supports our work through sharing their experience and feedback from the perspective a person with migraine or their family/carer.

  •                     Research and communication plays a vital role in the advancement of our mission

    •                    Run campaigns
    •                    Support causes
    •                    Charity events