Bounce to life Foundation presents FIFA 18 gaming tournament in association with "Letsboz Qubster".

Event details:

  • One on one game.
  • Double Elimination
  • Registration details :

    Date:16th & 17th December 2017

    Venue : Blur Gaming, Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai

    Timing: 11.00am onwards

    Fees: Rs.200/-


  • Winner - Rs. 7,500/-
  • Runner - Rs. 5,000/-
  • RULES:

  • People in the audience may not advise a Player while playing.
  • Players are not allowed to plug any devices into the console.
  • Players are allowed to wear headsets if they are approved before the tournament commences by a tournament official.
  • Any action designed to disrupt the opposing Player's view of the field or ability to select controlled Players is prohibited.
  • At each tournament, players will need to be available throughout the day to play their matches. Players will be given a reasonable warning that they will need to be ready to play, and players leaving the location of the event will be responsible for returning in time for their matches.
  • Players not present at the designated start time for any match will be disqualified, and their opponent shall be granted a 3-0 score.
  • Players will be shown their designated station, shall set up the game, and begin play only when instructed to do so by a tournament official.
  • Each Player will have 2 minutes to configure controls, adjust line-ups and settings in accordance with the rules described above. Custom lineups cannot be used, nor can anything else that is not available in the in-game pause menu.
  • In all situations possible, tournament referees will monitor the game situation so that it may be restored in the event of game interruptions.
  • If a Player has an issue that they feel is creating an unfair advantage for the opponent, they must pause the game, (or request their opponent pause the game) and bring the issue to the attention of the referee. The referee will address the issue, if they feel the referee hasn’t addressed the issue properly, they may request the head referee also address the issue. Referee’s decision is final.
  • Each Player is allowed to pause the game up to five times. If a Player pauses the game, it must be to make a tactical change to their squad, which can include substitutions, formation changes, or tactic adjustments.
  • Players are only allowed to pause the game when the ball is not in play, meaning it has left the field of play or a foul has been committed and it’s a dead ball situation, or if the Player holds possession of their ball in their half of the field.
  • If a game is paused or interrupted intentionally while the ball is in play by any Player, the player can be disqualified.
  • If a game interruption is caused by outside circumstances such as a machine error or loss of power, the game shall be continued from a point determined by the Referee.
  • Notwithstanding the above, a Player can pause the game to change strategy and/or formation in the event that i) a player of his team is sent off ii) a player of his team is injured.
  • There will be a toss before every game, and the winner of the toss will select the team first and will have the liberty to choose to play either home or away.
  • For further details, Aditya - 7810087513/8668177621