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Connecting recruiters and job seekers

Why use a job fair?

ImageCompanies are provided with the chance to connect with job seekers and even conduct mini interviews on the spot, thereby minimizing the route to recruitment.

Job fairs are growing to be a vital element in the recruitment process.

A large number of job seekers flock recruitment fairs in search of the right job.

These candidates bring in resumes and seek for an opportunity to interact with recruiters to explain why they are best for the job opening.

Different recruitment packages are available to meet your needs.

Why attend?

ImageHiring the perfect candidates takes time.

Identifying job seekers, interviewing them and matching their personalities to that of the company makes the process of prospecting long.

By attending job fairs, potential candidates are under one roof for employers to test their abilities and skill sets.

This screening process helps employers hire the perfect candidates that suit their company.

By attending Virthi:

  • You are presented with the opportunity to interview multiple candidates who are currently seeking job opportunities in specific industries.
  • You save resources by pre-screening potential candidates in person thereby reducing the time, effort and money spent on prospecting.
  • You are provided with the opportunity to interact with quality candidates, hence making the hiring process highly effective.

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